Friday, July 20, 2007

2nd of a series


Only recently heard of the group even though I joined 5 Star in 2005. Shows how swift I am.

M y news is good, tho. 5 Star is bring out my 2nd book in a series I've started featuring a guy named Jake Wanderman, a retired English tgeach and shakespeare maven.

He got involved with a murder in the first book and thought he'd like to b excome a PI. but he lives in New York where the requirements are tough. You have to work for an agency for three years b efore you can qualify, or be a former police officer.

The first book was called SCRAMBLED EGGS, and dealt with stolen Faberge eggs. The 2nd book is called DEADLY BONES. It involves an ossuary or burial box some 2000 years old which may have contained the bones of Andrew, the brother of Jesus.

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